Why access to market?

Trade creates prosperity and sustainable development, as long as social and ecological framework conditions are taken into account. However, smallholders in poorer countries are, for the most part, excluded from trade and also from the right framework conditions.

Establishing sustainable supply chains is difficult. Most commercial chains are highly complex and organised in a collaborative way. It requires a great deal of expertise and partners you can trust at every level. It is also hard graft: a lack of infrastructure, insufficient expertise and – in part – political conditions impede economic activity in developing countries. For this reason, and because the demands of customers in Western countries are very high, farmers and local processors need support.

You can buy directly from these producers via the Access to Market Platform and help them to participate in the market. The principle behind this is crowd ordering – a new trade model whereby a number of consumers order a product together so as to achieve a minimum order quantity. We at gebana support the producers with our know-how, and organise the logistics.

With professional support, the producers are thus able to gain experience and sell their product. Tthe real market test shows them possibilities and limits. In addition, their offerings are also visible to potential customers. All of this is a first step towards accessing the market. Additionally, on the Access to Market Platform producer organisations can be supported in the further development of their supply chain or of a new product.

On the Access to Market Platform, only those projects and products are shown which display social and ecological values. Not all of them are certified as the preferences and possibilities in this area vary.

How the Access to Market Platform works

There are four project types on the Access to Market Platform:

First export

Enable someone to make their first export with your order. Please note: Unexpected events often lead to delays, and you may find that the quality is not yet perfect. For this reason, your feedback is absolutely essential. The export experience and your feedback are important steps for the producers towards accessing the market. As a customer, you are witness to the whole process, playing your part in pioneering work.

Group order

You can order from these producers simply and directly. You receive your product as soon as the minimum order quantity has been reached and the products are ready. The risk for you is minimal, since the producers already have a product that is ready for market. This sales channel is beneficial to both the producers and the consumers, since it cuts out the middle man.

Further development

Be part of the development of supply chains and support innovation! Some of the ways you can do this include testing new products, giving feedback, or financially supporting the producers in their next steps. In doing so, you will be able to see for yourself how the products and supply chains develop.

Display window

This is where you can see all the completed projects on the Access to Market Platform at a glance. You can find out where products are now available from or whether the producers are still seeking a trade partner.