Obtain organic and fair-trade products directly from the source from us, or become a partner in the development of sustainable supply chains in developing countries.

gebana has made a name for itself thanks to its direct contacts and its long-term commitment as a supplier of selected organic and FLO-certified raw materials. We enter into contracts with farmers and their organisations directly, and invest in processing and quality assurance on site. We thus achieve complete integration of the commercial chain and the best-possible response capability. Transparency and the involvement of customers are very important to us. They are the basis of ongoing collaboration in the development and management of supply chains in developing countries.

Our products and their origins

Burkina Faso: dried mango, cashew nuts
Togo: dried pineapple, cocoa, soya
Tunisia: dates, almonds
Brazil: soya, soya oil, soya press cake, lecithin, rice, rapeseed, maize and wheat
Paraguay: raw sugar
Benin: cashew nuts, soya


Our products are supplied by the pallet from the warehouse in Barneveld (Netherlands) or in containers, both FOB at the port of departure as well as DDP EU/CH. We advise our customers on importing and certification issues in order to enable the most direct route possible from the producers to market. Contact us, we will be delighted to advise you:

Dried fruit and nuts: Herman Bijlholt, Mirjam Güntert
Pulses and sugar: Herman Bijlholt
Cocoa, soya and soya derivatives: Michael Stamm
Quality and certification issues: Elvira Zingg
General management: Christophe Toitot

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